Born in the height 4200m, in the foothills Gaurishakar. Pemba Dorje had the skill of climbing in his blood. From very small age he started helping his father in the mountains. With 9 Gunnies book of world records. He became the fastest climber of Mt. Everest on May 21, 2004 taking 8hrs and ten minutes to summit Everest. Raising several issues like global warming and Everest cleaning programs from top of Everest, He has climbed it 21 times.  He has helped lots of people to step on the top of the world. Climbing with the people like Reinhold Messner (first person to climb all the fourteen 8000m mountains) and Min Bahadur Sherchan (oldest man to climb Everest), Pemba was the Honorary Goodwill Ambassador of Nepal Tourism year 2011.

                 Recently, on May 12, 2021 he and his siblings set a new world record, 8 members of the same family reaching the top of the world. He took his youngest sister 20 year old Nima Lhamu Sherpa and creating world record with most siblings scaling the mountain. Also, Pemba helped set another record by helping Hong Kong's Ada Tsang Yin hung to become the fastest women to climb Mt. Everest in a record time of 25 hours 50 minutes.

  •  In May 2013, Long Line rescue was successfully done from 7600m of Mt. Everest.
  • In May 2009, climbed Everest with golden statue of Lord Gautam Buddha and fixed it on the top of Mt. Everest for the world peace.
  • On 8th May 2007, climbed Everest with special jacket [Flag of Jacket] having flags of 250 countries. (jacket still displayed in Nepal Olympic Museum)
  • 21 times successfully climbed Mt. Everest with successful expeditions of 5 other 8000m summits.


  • GOODWILL AMBASSDOR OF Nepal Tourism year 2011 nominated by Nepal Government (Nepal Tourism board).
  • GOODWILL AMBASSDOR (2009) Nominated by
  • GOODWILL AMBASSDOR (2004) Nominated by Friend of the Earth International.
  • Big Melt Documentary  released in Australia 2009

Petition signed for Glacier & Climate Change in 2004 by Sir Edmund Hilary