Kanchhi Maya Tamang, born in Bhotang, Sindupalchowk, is a renowned climber and a great human. She achieved the extraordinary feat of being the first woman from her community to successfully climb Mount Everest on May 21, 2017. Kanchhi has climbed the world's highest summit three times and numerous other mountains. Besides her mountaineering triumphs, Kanchhi is passionate about social causes and has represented UN Women on her Everest climbs to raise awareness about women trafficking and education. Her accomplishments have broken gender barriers, inspiring women worldwide to pursue great heights. Kanchhi advocates for the promotion and motivation of more women and girls in mountaineering and sports. She is also the chairman of Save the Child Foundation Nepal, which provides education to over 30 students from remote areas of the Himalayas. Contact Kanchhi Maya Tamang, the climber, great human, to learn more about her achievements and social causes.