Wild Honey Hunting


Welcome to our website dedicated to honey hunting in Nepal, where we offer tailored-made honey hunting programs designed specifically for each location and honey hunting season. Explore the ancient tradition of gathering honey from wild beehives nestled high in the cliffs of the Himalayan foothills, as we customize your experience to ensure an unforgettable adventure.

Our expert team ventures into the dense forests, located in remote and inaccessible areas, to seek out natural beehives. With our deep knowledge of the forests and honeybee behavior, we track down hives during the optimal time for honey collection, which varies depending on the specific location and season.

Through rituals and prayers, we seek blessings from local deities, believing it brings us protection and success in our honey hunting endeavors. We understand the importance of customizing our approach to each honey hunting program, taking into account the unique characteristics of the location and the specific honey hunting season.

Equipped with traditional tools such as long bamboo ladders, ropes, and smoking torches made from dried leaves, our skilled honey hunters ascend the steep cliffs. Carefully positioning bamboo ladders against vertical rock faces, we reach the beehives situated in crevices or precarious overhangs.

Approaching the hive, we light smoking torches to create thick, suffocating smoke. This calms the bees and disorients them, allowing us to work with ease. With our expertise and experience, we skillfully extract honeycombs, placing them in protective baskets.

Experience the unique flavors and medicinal properties of wild honey collected during our customized honey hunting programs. Known for its purity, our Nepalese wild honey is highly sought after for culinary purposes and its perceived health benefits. It holds cultural and religious significance, often used in traditional ceremonies and offerings.

Embark on this adventurous journey with us, as we tailor-make your honey hunting program based on the location and honey hunting season. Witness the risks we face from sheer cliffs, unpredictable weather conditions, and stinging bees. Despite the challenges, honey hunting remains a revered tradition, and our honey hunters take immense pride in their skills and bravery.

As stewards of the environment, we promote sustainable honey harvesting practices that protect bee populations and preserve delicate ecosystems. Join us in our efforts to ensure responsible honey hunting, using non-invasive methods that minimize harm to bees and their habitats.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of honey hunting in Nepal, where nature and culture intertwine. Discover the rich biodiversity and enduring traditions of the Himalayan region through our website dedicated to custom honey hunting programs, adventure tourism, and bee conservation.