Lhotse (8516M)


Mt. Lhotse is the 4th highest mountain after Everest, K2 and Kanchenjunga. It is one of the most impressive mountains to climb. It is climbed from the west face. The western flank of Lhotse is known as the Lhotse Face. Any climber bound for the South Col on Everest must climb this 1,125 m (3,690 fit) wall of glacial blue ice. This face rises at 40 and 50 degree pitches with the occasional 80 degree bulges. Sherpa will set fixed ropes up this wall of ice. The way to Everest and Lhotse is same till 7800m. Four different camps above base camp are set to climb Mt Lhotse. The icy and rocky gully from camp-4 is the final way to reach the summit.

Trip Duration 54 Day(s)
Max Altitude 8516 Meters
Level Professional