Dhaulagiri (8167m)


Mount Dhaulagiri (8167m) is the seventh highest mountain in the world. Mount Dhaulagiri is located in north central Nepal. Dhaulagiri was climbed on May 13, 1960 by Kurt Diemberger, Peter Diener, Ernst Forrer, Albin for the first time. Mount Dhaulagiri known as the easiest Nepalese 8000 meter mountain. That’s why it became an ideal choice for mountaineers ready to test themselves on Nepalese Giants Mountains. The name of this mountain is derived from Sanskrit word, “Dhavala” meaning white and “Giri” meaning mountain, which combines to become ‘White Mountain’.

The trip route to climb Mount Dhaulagiri follows a circuitous route around the mountain from French Col (5334m) to approach the summit from the North East Col. Dhaulagiri (8167m.) was first successfully climbed by the Swiss expedition team in 1960. The trip begins with overland drive from Kathmandu to Beni Bazaar following the classical route with an exceptional view of the Kaligandaki gorge that encircles Mt. Dhaulagiri (8167m). Dhaulagiri expedition lead by experts and climbers of Himalayan Shepherds takes you the base camp and support you to climb mount Dhaulagiri.

Trip Duration 48 Day(s)
Max Altitude 8167 Meters
Level Legendary