Cho Oyu (8188M)


Mount Cho Oyu (Mt. Qowowuyag) is the world’s sixth highest mountain located in between Nepal and Tibet. Mount Cho Oyu is considered as one of the most accessible mountain to climbs  compared to other  8,000 meter mountains. It offers an excellent choice for all mountaineers alike wishing to climb their first 8,000 meter peak. It is technically straightforward climb with a minimal danger and easy decent.  The mountain would be the best choice for the mountaineers who want to stand on the summit of 8000 meter peak due to its straight forward climbing with minimal objective danger and less technically demanding. This mountain was first climbed by Hebert Tichy in 1954.

Trip to climb mount Cho Oyo start from Kathmandu and drive to Zhangmu via Araniko highway and Friendship Bridge or Kerung. Himalayan Shepherds’ guiding approach on Cho-Oyu differs notably from many other guide services as we intentionally keep our team small. Instead of running a large expedition with many climbers, we focus our attention on leading a more personal climbing team, concentrating our resources on each individual to ensure the safest, most enjoyable, and most successful experience possible for each one of our climbers. Our expedition is fully staffed and no extras or add-ons are needed. The smaller team ratio and thoroughly organized expedition facilitates better team dynamics, closer communication, individualized attention, and helps avoid the fragmentation inherent to larger expeditions. We believe this creates and most enjoyable climbing team possible.

Himalayan Shepherds maintain strict standards of safety, climb with small ratios, offer an unparalleled level of service, provide you with the best and most experienced guides, and have an infrastructure that is geared entirely toward your individual safety and success in the Himalayas.  Our Cho-Oyu expeditions are led by veteran Sherpa guides who possess years of climbing experience with numerous summit records. Our familiarity with the mountain and experience combined with the ability to transcend the logistical hurdles, as well as providing excellent base camp facilities, makes the possibility of taking those final steps onto an 8200m summit that much greater.


Trip Duration 40 Day(s)
Max Altitude 8201 Meters
Level Professional