A Day with an Elephant

Rs. 125


Spend the day with the elephants starting with the Elephant Bush  Walk and breakfast while watching the elephants graze and play. While walking you will see the elephants cover themselves in dust and brush to protect their skin from the sun. They love being dirty but also enjoy cooling off in the river.

Towards the end of the Bush Walk you will walk down the river with the elephants to enjoy bath time. After splashing around in the water everyone heads back for some lunch.Elephants at their corrals and people in the lodge.

After Lunch, we head out by jeep to collect sweet snacks for the elephants’ dinner which include bamboo, sugar cane and other things we find on the journey. This is also a very nice tour of the local area, meeting some local people along the way. 

Upon return you will go to the chain free corral area and the guide will explain about routine care and diet for the elephants, learn how to make their staple food (elephant burrito) and inspect the corrals. Check the toys, stumps, fencing and help clean up the area. Safety in the corral area is very important as we sometimes have some unexpected guests including wild elephants, rhinos and boar!Finish the day by feeding the elephants the sweet snacks collected earlier.

A truly unique experience guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Trip Duration 1 Day(s)
Level Beginner